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Top Tips of Extended Definition Argument Essay Topics

Top Tips of Extended Definition Argument Essay Topics To put it differently, the Definition Argument attempts to assign a particular case to a bigger category as it shares the critical characteristics of that category. Define by just what the term doesn't mean. In addition, it's important to restrict your term before you commence defining it. What is Really Going on with Extended Definition Argument Essay Topics What's more, a verbal argument often focuses on who's right regarding a particular issue, though a well-written, researched argument essay focuses on what's the correct side of a certain matter. Argumentative essays are also called position papers due to their justification of the side of the issue they are written in support of. At length, the conclusion involves a restatement of the position and a succinct overview of the reasons and counters. Conversely, abstract notions are a great deal more difficult to explain. How to Get Started with Extended Definition Argu ment Essay Topics? The ideal method is to tackle enough concepts and answer unique questions. Essentially anything that must be understood before reading the remainder of the essay is background info, and ought to be included in the introduction. The next portion of your introduction is devoted to offering some in depth background information regarding your topic. The introduction comprises an explanation of the matter, background info, and the author's position. A History of Extended Definition Argument Essay Topics Refuted Instead, you ought to pick a notion that connects with your intended audience. Defining by function would mean that you write about the way the thing works. You must bear in mind that most physical object has definitions that are similar for most people, and so you will write about something, that usually don't have another opinion. 1 person might say a hipster is somebody who follows all the most recent trends, while another might think that it is someo ne who has his own distinct style. Definitions of Extended Definition Argument Essay Topics Definition essay will help to locate another meaning for things from years past therefore we could make our future better. To put it differently, the author should be in a position to chance upon a variety of research performed by qualified individuals to support the general argument. Essentially, you will provide your opinion on a word. A debatable topic is one which has differing viewpoints. Top Extended Definition Argument Essay Topics Secrets All essays should have a thesis statement. Different types of argumentative essays incorporate persuasive, research, analysis and individual essays. Argument essays can be organized in a number of means. The argumentative essay has an identical structure as other kinds of essays. Life, Death and Extended Definition Argument Essay Topics It's very helpful to get the use of the word in media, for instance, in movies, magazines. Definition essays may be used to define a wide selection of unique things, including physical items, in addition to abstract constructs and ideas. Otherwise, it's better to switch to another one. What Everybody Dislikes About Extended Definition Argument Essay Topics and Why In the initial one, talk about the origin of the word and the way it was used previously. Rephrase the principal areas of the definition and make certain you summed up everything you planned on saying. Also, Many people aren't perfect and have problems, therefore it goes without saying that anybody can become addicted. For someone who is fighting an issue with malfunctioning an organ, every second is vital. You will learn the way to compose a definition essay, how to choose the topic you love the most, how to deal with defining the elaborate conditions. Should you do, paraphrase the offered definition to prevent issues with plagiarism. Thus, there's not any reason to include things like a dictionary definition. It's important to always provide a conventional definition of your subject in at the start of the definition essay, even if your definitions vary from the customary meaning. Last, the author ought to take a stance and stay with it. The teacher may provide several words to discuss to create the paper longer. An argumentative essay is a writing piece intended to persuade a person to believe the way that you do. The only means to writing a captivating argumentative essay is to realize the structure in order to remain focused and make a strong point. The conclusion closes the essay and attempts to close the situation. To compose an effective argumentative essay, you need to find a topic that you want to know more about and one that offers two sides of a problem instead of giving an absolute answer. Once you have decided on an exciting topic or the one which you get a strong opinion about, make an argument essay outline. 1 such topic which you can have been requested to compose an essay about is that of marriage. To start with, if you're writing definition essay you want to decide on a topic which will be interesting. To generate the topics you simply should choose definition essay in the sort of essay and place some keywords in case you have any on your mind. Fantastic essay topics provides you a wide variety of topics for numerous kinds of essays persuasive writing, also referred to as the argument essay, utilizes logic and. As everyone probably knows, simply because you've got a definition essay topic and a couple examples doesn't indicate you've got an essay. What Is So Fascinating About Extended Definition Argument Essay Topics? Employing the above mentioned criteria as a simple guideline should enable a writer to discover a proper topic. First Draft Grading You are going to receive completion points for the very first draft based upon the successful submission of an entire draft. A manageable topic is one which can be successfully performed w ithin the page demands of the essay. Your subject needs to be interesting to you. The Number One Question You Must Ask for Extended Definition Argument Essay Topics You are able to get your essay written in a few hours after you made a purchase. It is very important to check reviews about essay writing services in order to be confident they can deliver your task before the deadline. If you need assistance with a definition essay, or just do not have a sufficient amount of time to write it all on your own, no worries! You may incorporate both to find the total credit.

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Look Deeper Than the Mirror Essay - 828 Words

In the early 1930’s James Truslow Adams defined the American Dream as, â€Å"life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement†. His quote alone speaks about individualism, and nowhere is it written that you can’t be your own person. The meaning of the â€Å"American Dream† has changed drastically over time due to history and personal opinions; it has almost become a clichà ©. Embellished by these thoughts we fare to complement one another, in our eyes every day is a new awaking to competition. You would think were all fighting for the same thing, survival, but we have different ways to achieve it. Whether its legal or illegally we walk down individual paths on a journey called†¦show more content†¦This is where influences are either acknowledged and enforced or frowned upon. These influences have affected our culture tremendously, especially since society is prone to technology. In the article, â€Å"Never too Buff† by John Cloud, he gives the example of the G.I Joe action figure going from scrawny to extreme in just 8 years. Young boys idealize what they see in their real or fairytale heros, and often want to be just like them. Children are growing up too fast and are often manipulated by the influence of an individual they decide to follow, but many times we don’t lead by example. They seek out sources to become someone their not but inspire to be, and sad to say but some of these sources are steroids, anorexia, and in some cases obesity. People come in all shapes and sizes and shouldnt be discriminated against for not looking the way someone wants you to look. The article â€Å"Weight of the World† by Niranjana Iyer, she spoke about how in the American culture shes too big to be considered average and her becoming a statistic like the average American lead her to the gym for the first time where she experienced major pain. Meanwhile in her culture shes use to seeing thick full figured woman because they’re accepted. Acceptance is the key to great confidence and self-worth. We all had a hard time accepting ourselves at some point and I believe it’s because we carry around this questioning thought â€Å"will theyShow MoreRelatedModern Art Vs. Contemporary Art1146 Words   |  5 Pagesrepresentational forms to convey their ideas more elaborately; Rene Magritte is one of those artists. In the False Mirror by Rene Magritte the artist presents his viewers with an enormous lashless eye illuminated with luminous cloud-swept blue sky filling the iris and opaque, and a dead-black disc for the pupil. The painting is filled with a great deal of allusion, because the artist gives the viewer both a look through the eye as if it’s a window and a stare back from the painting, all at the same time. AdditionallyRead MoreSymbolism in Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Essay example745 Words   |  3 PagesSymbolism is a major literary device that helps people see a book through symbols that often have a deeper meaning. A symbol is used to explain something in a different way, using images, objects, etc. instead of just saying it in words. As you search for a deeper meaning in a work of art or literature it can help you understand the authorÂ’s intentions and the deeper significance of a work. In Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, symbols help reinforce the major themes of t he book. Fire and flamesRead MoreEmotional Analysis Of Michael Jacksons Man In The Mirror1478 Words   |  6 Pagesleft a powerful presence in the music industry. Jackson took his songs to a much deeper level than what were intended. His songs like, â€Å"You are not alone† and, â€Å"Black or White,† are prime examples of his influential songs. â€Å"Man in the Mirror,† is one of the songs where Jackson challenges his listeners to find a deeper purpose in the meaning of his song. His continuous use of emotional and logical sense adds to the deeper meaning, and feeling behind each and every one of his songs.The lyrics to the songRead MoreDifferences Between Mirror Gazing, Gender, And Self Esteem, Body Dysmorphic Disorder976 Words   |  4 PagesAbstract Gender differences in mirror gazing were studied at Montclair State University. The purpose of the study was to determine whether females were more likely to look in the mirror than males. Females and males were observed at two locations on campus where reflective surfaces were available. Students recorded whether or not a female or male looked at his/her reflection at the reflective surface. The results of the study revealed that there were more females than males who had looked at theirRead MoreAnalysis of Sylvia Plaths Mirror1281 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Analysis of Sylvia Plath’s â€Å"Mirror† Sylvia Plath is known as the poet of confession. Her life is strongly connected to her works. She uses poetry as a way to confess her feelings, to express and release her pain in life. â€Å"Mirror† is one of her most famous poems. Sylvia Plath wrote the poem in 1961, just two years before her actual suicide. After suffering a miscarriage, she realized that she was pregnant again. She and her husband moved to a small town and their marriage began going worse. TheRead MoreChristina Rossetti s An Artist s Studio1120 Words   |  5 Pagespossesses. â€Å"We found her hidden just behind those screens, / That mirror gave back all her loveliness† imply both the subject and the artist are discussing how to personify the portrait. In order to do this effectively, the portrait must have imperfections. â€Å"That mirror gave back all her loveliness† describes the artist’s eyes taking away his subjects imperfections, because the artist can only see what is on the surface and nothing deeper. According to an article written by J. B. Bullen, this line representsRead MoreThe Day I Hear The Rumor - Original Writing892 Words   |  4 Pagesheavy metal gir ls with tremendous eyelashes. They stand in front of the mirror, speaking urgently: Did you hear about H.? one of them says. I hear she did it with Mitch and all his friends, like 12 guys at once! Twelve guys? says another. She is disgusting! Th e last chimes in. Oh, my God, she is such a slut! she says, drawing out the last word for effect. From my vantage point, I can see their faces in the mirror as they talk; the way their eyes open wide in amazement as they contemplateRead MoreHow The Is Body Language From Women? Essay923 Words   |  4 Pageswith you briefly. If she looks away and then looks back into your eyes a few seconds later this is a good sign. You ve at least peaked her interest, so she is looking again. Possibly hoping to catch your eye again. If she looks back and smiles (you know, one of those kinds of smiles), or looks back and seems to be eyeing you up and down; my advice would be to talk to her, immediately. She Preens Herself If a woman takes a few seconds to try to improve the way she looks when she sees you, it sRead MoreEssay Dualism in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho1454 Words   |  6 Pages The characters in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960) each have a dual nature that is masterfully portrayed through character development and use of mirrors throughout the film. The very first shot in Psycho is zooming in from an open view of the city where it is a bright and sunny day. As the shot zooms in further and further it comes into a dark and shaded room that shows Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) and Sam Loomis (John Gavin) having an affair in a undisclosed hotel. This is dualistic image is justRead MoreAfrican-American Beauty1684 Words   |  7 Pagesthe human eye can see. I’m a woman of purpose and destiny. A perfect design, I’m special and unique. I won’t be identified by the parts that make up my physique. My beauty is not defined by my skin or my hair and my soul has more value than the clothes that I wear. I’m not a symbol of pleasure or sex appeal; I have the natural ability to comfort and the power to heal. When God made me, He created a gem because He fashioned me in the likeness of Him. I refuse to do anything that

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Misinterpretation of Reality in Othello by William...

Misinterpretation of Reality in Othello Othello, by William Shakespeare, is a mix of love, sexual passion and the deadly power of jealousy. Shakespeare has created an erotic thriller based on a human emotion that people are all familiar with. There is an extraordinary fusion of characters with different passions in Othello. Every character is motivated by a different desire. Shakespeare mesmerizes the reader by manipulating his characters abilities to perceive and discern what is happening in reality. It is this misinterpretation of reality that leads to the erroneous perceptions that each character holds. After reading this tragedy, the depth of Shakespeares characters†¦show more content†¦279-282) and his position as a soldier contribute to his feelings of inadequacy. Othello admits to Desdemona that he doesnt have those soft parts of conversation possessed by well-bred Venetian noblemen, those to which (as a senators daughter) she has become acclimated (3.3.280-281). Othellos speech (1.3.130-172) also conveys his feeling that Desdemona loves him for his exploits and achievements rather than for his mind. Othello apparently feels a constant responsibility to prove to Desdemona (through his heroic deeds) that he is worthy of her love.It is my opinion that Othello is a man governed by a subconscious need or impulse to believe ideas rather than reason. In believing Iagos lie, Othello apparently is controlled by his aforementioned inferiority complex -- his feeling that he just doesnt measure up to (young, suave, and of course, white) nobleman Michael Cassio in Desdemonas mind. Othello is more naturally predisposed to believe this idea rather than to engage in rational discourse in an attempt to find the real logic of the situation. It is also unclear weather or not the position of soldier and that of husband can be percieved as two seperate roles. Yet the two seem inextricably intertwined. Military operations are Othellos primary priority. Othello had been a soldier since he was seven yearsShow MoreRelatedOthello, By William Shakespeare1599 Words   |  7 Pages William Shakespeare’s 16th century play Othello is a duplicitous and fraudulent tale set alternatingly between Venice in act 1, and the island of Cyprus thereafter. The play follows the scandalous marriage between protagonist Othello, a Christian moore and the general of the army of Venice, and Desdemona, a respected and intelligent woman who also happens to be the daughter of the Venetian Senator Brabantio. Shakespeare undoubtedly positions the marriage to be viewed as heroic and noble, despiteRead MoreShakespeare s Much Ado About Nothing, Othello, And A Winter s Tale1549 Words   |  7 Pages355: Shakespeare Professor Charlebois December 15, 2015 Perception of Evidence In Much Ado About Nothing, Othello, and A Winter’s Tale, William Shakespeare shows the shift in which in which perception becomes knowledge. As a thing becomes known, through one sense or another, it is filtered through the mind, and then emerges as knowledge. Shakespeare examines this process, focusing on the ways in which we unconsciously influence the formation of knowledge. Much Ado about Nothing, Othello and ARead MoreOthello, By William Shakespeare1923 Words   |  8 Pagesdissatisfaction or complication is shown. Firstly in Othello love is presented as ephemeral and transient while atonement love is presented as unrequited and finally in cat on a hot tin roof love is presented as painful and troublesome due to unreciprocated feelings. The tragic plot of Othello hinges on the potential of the villain, Iago, to deceive other characters, above all Roderigo and Othello, through encouraging them to misinterpret what they see. Othello is prone to Iago s ploys seeing that he himselfRead More Barkovs Hamlet: A Tragedy of Errors Essay6762 Words   |  28 Pages William Shakespeare authorship: The text of Hamlet contains indications that Shakespeare portrayed himself as an allegedly dead university graduate. HAMLET: A TRAGEDY OF ERRORS, OR THE TRAGICAL FATE OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE? by Alfred Barkov To the contents When the text of William Shakespeare: a mask for Hamlet - Christopher Marlowe? William Shakespeare Hamlet is read attentively, and no details are disregarded, it becomes evident that William Shakespeare included in it something quite differentRead MoreGp Essay Mainpoints24643 Words   |  99 Pagesâ€Å"Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story† is an instruction often heard in the newsroom †¢ Concept of media ethics is conceived to be an oxymoron. Sadly, many aspects of the modern media are stripped of almost all ethical concerns. In a reality of competition, ratings and economic considerations, ethics becomes a secondary, sometimes irritating, issue †¢ E.g. But consider 2003, New York Times writer Jayson Blair caught for plagiarising and falsifying elements of his stories †¦ clear to

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Mr Tanner Essay Example For Students

Mr Tanner Essay Biography Overcoming odds is something that is often talked about in history. People often express their struggles in many different forms. Henry O. Tanner was an extradinary man who challenged viewers through his art. As an African American artist, Mr. Tanner experienced the same racism and moral hatred that most other African Americans endured in his time. Based on his spiritual background and influence of other artists, Tanner was able to pursue his dream of becoming the most famous African American artist in the 19th Century. His crowning achievement was his oil on canvas painting, The Banjo Lesson. Born on June 21, 1859, just prior to the Civil War, in a house that was also used as an Underground Railroad station, Tanner was six years old when slavery was abolished in 1865. Tanner was raised by his father Benjamin Tucker and his mother Sarah Miller Tanner. They lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and attended African Methodist Episcopalian church. His father was a preacher at the church they attended. Henrys mother was a former slave who was sent north through the Underground Railroad. Throughout Tanners teenage years, he saw painters working in a park near his home which inspired Tanner to become more of a painter. Tanner constantly drew and painted landscapes in his early years and made numerous trips to different art galleries. Tanners parents were very supportive of him and his parents encouraged him to continue to his passion of becoming a painter. During Tanners life, he was also experiencing health problems and his parents felt painting was a good tool of medicine. At the age of 20, Tanner became the first black student allowed to attend Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. During Tanners education, he continued to paint because he needed to support himself while in school. After graduating from Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Tanner began teaching at Clark College, in Atlanta, Georgia. Tanners close friend name Joseph C. Hartzell along side his father Joseph, helped and paid for Tanners first gallery. But no one bought Tanners paintings, so Tanners father and close friend bought all of his paintings. This lead Tanner to sell his gallery and Tanner pursued his interest in traveling the world. In 1891, Tanner traveled and moved to Rome and then he also visited Paris. While in Paris, he saw the beauty in art and chose to further is art education there. This opportunity allowed Tanner to live and paint in a country where there were no racial barriers like in the United States, such as segregation. He then enrolled in the school there called Academic Julian. It was not long after this Tanner painted his one of his popular work called The Banjo Lesson of 1893 and the Thankful Poor of 1894. In 1899, Tanner married Jessie Olssen, a white opera singer from San Francisco, while living in Paris. They had one child and permanently resided in France. During 1908, his first one-man painting exhibit was a series religious paintings back in the United States and held at the American Art Galleries in New York. Tanner continued to travel and he travel led him to Palestine to learn more about religious paintings. This lead to Tanners first opportunity of becoming the first African American to paint blacks serving in World War I, and also becoming the first black painter to have a painting hung on the wall of the White House Green Room. This painting is called The Sand Dunes at Sunset, Atlantic City, 1885. Bit the painting I am eager to talk about is one of famous painting The Banjo Lesson, 1893, painted with oil on canvas (Hampton University Museum, Hampton, Virginia). Tanner painting shows a little boy sitting on his grandfathers lap playing a banjo. Immediately I was able to see the form and content of this painting. His painting can be valued in so many ways. Such as being formalism. Meaning this painting is truly beautiful. There is love between two people with a soft tone displayed in this painting. .u701c5627c7d0550667035091f8a5cff0 , .u701c5627c7d0550667035091f8a5cff0 .postImageUrl , .u701c5627c7d0550667035091f8a5cff0 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u701c5627c7d0550667035091f8a5cff0 , .u701c5627c7d0550667035091f8a5cff0:hover , .u701c5627c7d0550667035091f8a5cff0:visited , .u701c5627c7d0550667035091f8a5cff0:active { border:0!important; } .u701c5627c7d0550667035091f8a5cff0 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u701c5627c7d0550667035091f8a5cff0 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u701c5627c7d0550667035091f8a5cff0:active , .u701c5627c7d0550667035091f8a5cff0:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u701c5627c7d0550667035091f8a5cff0 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u701c5627c7d0550667035091f8a5cff0 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u701c5627c7d0550667035091f8a5cff0 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u701c5627c7d0550667035091f8a5cff0 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(https://artscolumbia.org/wp-content/plugins/intelly-related-posts/assets/images/simple-arrow.png)no-repeat; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u701c5627c7d0550667035091f8a5cff0:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u701c5627c7d0550667035091f8a5cff0 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u701c5627c7d0550667035091f8a5cff0 .u701c5627c7d0550667035091f8a5cff0-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u701c5627c7d0550667035091f8a5cff0:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Francisco GoyaThe grandfather is given banjo lessons to his grandson who also shows a family togetherness and love. Tanner may have viewed this image of having a grandchild one day because I obtained a sense of personal culture in his painting. Tanners painting is a two dimensional painting with detailed images of everyday life. I see many brush strokes along with the colors used. Tanner painted his painting with black and gray oil colors. Tanner also used Chiaroscuro shading in this painting because the tones of the colors give the viewer a sense of calmness. This gives a shade and balance with his tones. As for the lighting in the painting, there is a bright light beaming over the head of the grandfather, on the floor under the chair underneath the grandfather, and a reflection bouncing off of the table cloth behind the grandfathers chair. This directional force leads viewers eyes toward the upper middle portion of the picture straight to the two individuals in the painting. Tanners work show him using his personal style and viewers are able to experience how Tanners life may have looked during the 19th Century. Tanner also used unity and variety, such as the table being placed behind the grandfather chair, cooking tools along side on the floor, and also the way the floor slants downhill toward the viewer. The grandson in the painting waist is the vanishing point and there is also some emphasis there too. As I continued to view Tanners painting, I realize his painting was asymmetrical because they way the grandfathers feet appeared unleveled. His feet were unbalanced and one of his knees appears higher than the other. Tanner applied a lot of space in his painting to show or give the viewer a sense of the subjects sitting in a kitchen in a room of a house. As I continued to gather further visual thoughts, there was also an example of representational art used with a little of motion being applied because the grandson was playing the banjo. Tanners painting also has hatching brush strokes and it appears the painting was drawn first. His painting is very realistic and Tanner emphasis the use of portion with the two subjects, one person is bigger than the other. This is found by the way the grandfathers hands are a little bigger than normal size and you are able to sense a feeling of authority too. The Banjo Lesson mainly illustrates the importance of family. I cant stop expressing this because a viewer and someone researching Tanners life is able to experience the life of this artist, his upbringing, his spiritual life, and viewers are able to see his love for people and family. There is a strong sense family togetherness in his painting. As I stated previous on Tanners life, Tanner had a great relationship with his father who was the backbone of his career. As you read the life of Tanner, Tanner broke the racial barrier in the United States toward blacks in painting. He paved the way for other black painters because of the hard work and persistence. Most of all, he had a strong desire and passion to become a painter. Tanner also had several other paintings in other art galleries around the world, but there are were only a few which received world-wide recognition. Therefore, it leads me to say, this was an important man who made a way for new black artist who were behind him. The self portrait of him shows confident in and persistence he carried within. We all know during Tanners day of time, it was not easy for African Americans to accomplish a career or obtain an education. However, Tanner showed grace, intelligence, and a strong determination to succeed. Which allowed him to not only overcome obstacles, but flourish in an era of history that swallowed up many of his would-be contemporaries.

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Best Tax Preparation Office in Tampa, Florida

Executive Summary The study examined the problem of identifying critical success factors in the tax preparation industry. Most firms in the tax preparation industry have one major objective. The objective is to emerge the best in the industry. However, companies operating in this area differ significantly with regards to their level of success. It is important to determine what makes some tax preparation offices highly successful than others.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Best Tax Preparation Office in Tampa, Florida specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The differing level of success is in spite of the fact that the firms are operating within the same industry. The paper looked at the issue of whether or not becoming the best tax preparation office in Tampa can be explained by the various strategic alternatives adopted by the company. The question of the implementation of the correct strategy was also addr essed. A research on Tampa’s tax preparation industry was carried out with the aim of identifying and understanding the various success factors that are essential for the achievement of competitive advantage. The researcher predicts that there are significant differences between the various firms with regards to the perception of critical success factors in the industry. Introduction Explanation of the Project The United States of America’s income tax laws are some of the most complex in the world. Due to this complexity, more than 60% of American taxpayers prefer using a paid tax preparer. In other words, they prefer paying someone to file their income tax returns for them. Through the use of a tax preparation service provider, a consumer can reduce the amount of tax they pay to the government. At the same time, the individual can increase the amount of their tax refund from the government (Edwards, 2013). Tax evasion is a very serious offense in the United States of America. The offense attracts hefty fines from those found guilty, including both individuals and organizations operating in the country. Perhaps this legal strictness is another reason why people seek professional services in filing their tax returns. The increasing demand for professional tax preparation services in the country has a number of impacts on the economy. For example, the increasing demand has resulted to a subsequent increase in the number of professionals offering tax services in the market. A case in point is the number of such professionals in Tampa, Florida. For example, there are over 100 tax preparation firms in the region (Slemrod, 2006, p. 23).Advertising Looking for research paper on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The existence of such a large number of tax firms is an indication of the fact that tax services in this region are in high demand. Just like other firms in other sectors of the economy, all these tax firms aim to be successful. However, they differ significantly with regards to the level of their success. The observation raises a number of pertinent questions that any new entrant needs to address. For example, why does the success of firms operating in Tampa varies? Why are some of them successful, while others are not doing very well? Does the adoption of a given strategy determine the success of the company? Can the success be explained by the implementation of the correct strategies? A review of most tax preparation offices in Tampa reveals that they rely on quick turnaround work and high volume to increase their revenue. Due to this factor, there is increased fee-based competition within the industry. The reason for such an increase is because by lowering their prices, tax preparation firms can increase the number of clients that walk through their door (Long Caudill, 2008, p. 40). Furthermore, tax preparation firms in Tampa have been forced t o deal with competition from external players. For example, the companies are competing from operators in the software publishing industry that develop at-home tax filing programs. The development and supply of such programs has resulted in increased price competition in the industry. The new developments have decreased the profits in an industry that already has high internal competition (Caralli, Stevens, Willke Wilson, 2008, p. 300). Tax preparation offices primarily exist to provide services to a wide of clients. The clients in this case include, among others, customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, and the communities that benefit from the existence and growth of the firm (Maddala, 1988). The firms achieve this objective by formulating effective organizational values, purpose, and vision. Scope of the Project The management of the new firm has to take into account the dynamics of this industry when launching the operations. It also has to take into account the v arious limitations that firms operating in this firm have to contend with. The aim of the firm is achieve goals and objectives. To this end, a firm is required to develop a strategy to inform its operations. In this case, the firm outlines a set of goals and targets. It comes up with a strategy to attain them within a given time period. The functions of different departments in the firm are derived from these goals. The process of strategy development ensures that the entire organization is focused on the implementation of a defined purpose and vision (Caralli et al., 2008).Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Best Tax Preparation Office in Tampa, Florida specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is important to note that developing a strategy and setting goals and objectives is not enough. It is just a single factor determining the success of a tax preparation firm. More is needed. For example, the firm must per form exemplary well in a number of critical areas. The areas in this case are those that are critical to the firm’s goals and objectives. In fact, performance in these key areas is critical to the firm’s success. Failure to perform well in the areas may be a major barrier to the success of the firm (Caralli et al., 2008). The critical areas can be identified as a set of critical success factors for the firm. Critical success factors include the specific areas in which the firm must excel. Positive results in these areas will guarantee a competitive performance for the tax preparation firm. It will help the firm to emerge the best in the area (Maddala, 1988). Significance of the Study According to Vasconcellos, Sousa and Hambrick (1989), the concept of strategic management depends on the ability to develop and sustain useful assets. It also depends on the nature of skills the firm has access to. Furthermore, strategic management requires the ability to select competitiv e strategies and areas that would support the developed assets and enable them to create meaningful competitive advantage for the firm. In turn, this should be developed in line with critical success factors. Most firms have identified a set of critical success factors that are developed according to the industry’s unique features and characteristics (Aaker, 2001). A tax preparation firm’s successful performance within the industry can be determined using a number of factors. One of them is how well the company aligns its success factors with those that give it an edge in the industry. There are a number of reasons why it is important to identify critical success factors in the tax preparation industry. First, it gives rise to a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s competitive environment. Such understanding is important in making decisions that determine the success of the firm. According to Aaker (2001), understanding and identifying critical success factors is important to a firm if its entrance into an industry is to succeed. It also helps the firm to find a different position in the industry and successfully develop strategies to achieve the perceived value and cost reduction (Rockart, 1979). In 1989, a research was carried out to test critical success factors in different fields. The researchers aimed to investigate two hypotheses. The first was that critical success factors varied from one industry to the other. The second was that firms with strengths similar to the industry’s critical success factors are more likely to be successful within the industry than other firms.Advertising Looking for research paper on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Research carried out in six industries supported the above hypotheses (Vasconcellos et al., 1989). Other researchers from the industry provided data that supported the arguments above. For example, the studies showed that the success of a given firm is determined by how well the management aligns the positive attributes of the firm to the factors significant in that industry. Problem Statement The current study was guided by a number of research questions. The following are the research questions: What makes some tax offices in Tampa more successful than others? How do strategic alternatives and implementation of the correct strategy inform the success of tax offices in Tampa? How can a tax office in Tampa succeed in the industry? Becoming the Best Tax Preparation Office in Tampa, FL Literature Review The tax preparation industry: background The primary services offered by firms in the tax preparation industry include the preparation of tax returns. Tax preparation experts offer t his service as a standalone endeavor. Other services, such as book keeping and billing, are not offered. Although CPA offices are not classified in the tax preparation industry, basic knowledge on filing requirements and tax law is critical for members of staff in this industry (Swingen, Green Long, 2009). Between 2008 and 2013, the revenue generated in the tax preparation industry contracted at an annual average of 0.2%. The revenues fell to about $9.4 billion. The industry recorded some growth in 2008 (Edwards, 2013). However, the growth declined between 2009 and 2010. The decline can be explained by the rise in unemployment levels and decreased disposable income leading. The factors forced many consumers to prepare their own tax returns (Edwards, 2013). The tax preparation industry is facing increased competition from external players. A case in point is competition from the software publishing industry. Software for the preparation of tax, such as Intuit’s TurboTax, are widely accepted because they make electronic tax filing more accessible (Swingen et al., 2009). Tax preparation offices have reacted to this threat. For example, they have stopped charging for some basic services. The offer attracts consumers who end up signing up for fee-based services. The services include state income-tax filing because most states have not adopted electronic tax filing (Dubin, Graetz, Udell Wilde, 2007). The tax preparation industry is highly seasonal. Demand for tax preparation peaks between January and April. While most small firms operate during this period only, large firms operate at a loss during the off-season (Slemrod, 2006). The seasonal nature of tax preparation services, together with low barriers to entry, makes the industry an ideal field for entrepreneurs working on a part-time basis. The seasonal nature of the industry also results in relative decreased average wages for operators. Because most firms in the industry only operate during the peak s eason, the average industry wage is set at about $12,660 as of 2013 (Edwards, 2013). Though the recent decline in demand for tax preparation services has resulted in pricing competition, tax preparation firms, historically, increase prices of tax preparation services each year (Swingen et al., 2009). However, due to the threats arising from increased use of computer software by individuals seeking to file their own taxes, basic tax preparation services are offered free of charge. The offers reduce profit margins. The tax preparation firms are forced to offer the services for free since numerous other free services exist. The firms, however, sell additional services for more complicated taxes to make money (Slemrod, 2006). Many large tax preparation firms offer tax related financial products. An example of such a product is Refund Anticipation Loans (RALs). The product is offered by a partner lender based on an anticipated income tax refund. From the fees paid by the borrower, the le nder and the tax preparation firm are able to generate revenue (Dubin et al., 2007). Another product is Refund Anticipation Change (RACs). The product works by simply placing a customer’s tax return in a bank account which is linked to a prepaid credit card. Tax preparation firms are expected to increase the number of personalized products that software companies cannot compete with. Additionally, the firms are expected to increase the number of services they provide for free (Edwards, 2013). IRS has formulated new regulations and changes to the tax regime. The tax preparation industry is most likely to benefit from at least one government regulatory framework. Such a regulation is the one requiring paid tax ‘preparers’ to have a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). The regulation came into effect during the 2011 tax season. It reduces the number of players in the industry. The reduction reduces competition and increases revenue. In future, things will chan ge with regards to PTIN. For example, practitioners in this industry will have to meet a given threshold to be certified. The requirement will further limit the number of firms operating in the industry, leading to a growth in the industry (Edwards, 2013). Additional regulations need to be formulated by the federal government for firms that offer electronic filing services. One of the focus areas should be the advertising standards, which the tax electronic filing firms must adhere to. In addition, firms providing electronic filing services should be required to provide filing information to the taxpayer. The government has formulated additional rules regarding electronic filing. Recently, the IRS announced that tax preparers with 11 or more trust or individual tax returns will be required to file returns using IRS electronic filing system (Edwards, 2013). The cost structure of firms operating in the tax preparation industry varies based on a number of factors. Firms operating a fra nchise incur fees for royalties and marketing. Such fees are not incurred by small firms. Due to the seasonal nature of the tax preparation industry, large firms that continue operating during the off season incur additional costs not incurred by small firms that close down during this period. As a result, the cost structures of large firms differ significantly from those of small firms (Dubin et al., 2007). The concept of critical success factors The concept of critical success factors has a long history. The history is traced back to 1961. It was proposed by Ronald Daniels to address some issues in corporate management. Daniel used the concept of critical success factors to identify information that is critical to successfully perform managerial duties (Daniels, 1961). According to this scholar, the information systems of a given organization should have a specific goal. The goal is to achieve the success factors. Identifying the success factors should be carried out carefully to enhance the progress of the company (Daniels, 1961). Rockart (1979) further developed the concept by introducing four primary sources of critical success factors. The first is the structure of the specific industry. The second is environmental and temporal factors. The third is position and location in the industry. The last factor is competitive strategy. The concept helps the management to develop the appropriate strategies to run the firm. In addition, it helps in identifying problems that may hinder the success of the organization. According to Dickinson, Ferguson and Sircar (1984), critical success factors can be defined from a specific perspective. They are regarded as any circumstances, events, activities, or conditions that, because of their importance, require special attention from the firm. The factors may be internal or external. There are various advantages associated with critical success factors. They include comprehensiveness, operational value, and flexibility. In a nother study involving small businesses, Dickinson proposed that identification of critical success factors may be useful at various levels. The first level involves evaluation of the chances for success with regards to a new firm. The second is the planning process of a firm’s opportunities. The third is the effective implementation of a firm’s planned activities. In their case studies, Boynton, Shank, and Zmud (1985) attributed the success of the concept of critical success factors to two of its advantages. First, the concept is widely recognized and accepted among top level management. Secondly, it enhances the planning process. Boynton et al. (1985) conducted a study aimed at analyzing the dependence of critical success factors on a firm’s hierarchical nature. The study also looked at the level at which strategic management decisions are made. The study distinguished between individual, sub-organizational, corporate, and industry success factors. One can ass ume that business success is the achievement of the pre-set goals and mission. With such an assumption, it is clear that critical success factors are very important. They help the firm to achieve its goals and objectives. The achievement of the goals and objectives set by an organization is informed by a number of factors. On their part, the determining factors are influenced by others. The observation gives rise to a form of dependency arrangement unique to a given organization or industry. Dickinson et al. (1984) distinguish between internal and external critical success factors. For example, the scholars argue that the former are affected by the internal dynamics of the firm. They include structures, people, products, and processes. The factors are an indication of the competencies and capabilities of a given organization. They determine the firm’s competitive advantage. External critical success factors, on their part, are different from the first set of factors. They are informed by the firm’s external dynamics. According to Rockart (1979), it is more difficult to control external critical factors than internal ones. However, external success factors may be measured and controlled to some degree. Dickinson et al. (1984) classified critical success factors into two main categories. The first is perceived or actual (Dickinson et al., 1984) group of determinants. The second is ‘conjunctive or compensatory determinants (Dickinson et al., 1984). The critical success perspective helps in defining tasks. Such a definition can in turn help in task selection from the numerous duties that a manager is required to perform daily. The definition sets priorities to enable the manager to concentrate on the core activities. Consequently, a group of managers may identify their firm’s critical success factors. In addition, organizations operating within the same industry may define the sector’s critical success factors (Boynton et al., 198 5). Boynton et al. (1985) provides an analysis of the application of critical success factors in an American high-tech engineering company. The factors were raised and discussed in a meeting. Participants in the meeting were asked to list a number of factors that they thought were critical to the success of a firm. It emerged that most of the factors mentioned by the participants were similar. The managers expressed the desire to delegate some of their duties. Some of the delegated activities interfered with the performance of top management team if not clearly defined. The perspective clearly emphasizes on the significance of the perception of critical success factors. After some time, the management should come together to analyze and consolidate differences between individual perceptions of the significance of critical success factors (Caralli et al., 2008). According to Rockart and Bullen (1981), critical success factors of a particular industry provide a firm with the opportuni ty to achieve competitive advantage. A firm must establish the various critical success factors in the sector within which they are operating. Mapping out these dynamics helps the firm to attain and sustain a competitive edge. For any firm to survive and succeed in a particular market, it must meet two conditions. First, the company must offer a product or service that is in line with the market demand. Secondly, the company must be able to withstand competition in the market. The identification of critical success factors within a particular industry, therefore, begins with two critical questions. The first question addresses the issue of what the consumers want. The second question involves the issue of how the firm can survive competition. Research Questions and Hypothesis Overview The current study helps in identifying a number of critical success factors in the tax services industry. The dynamics identified help to establish and sustain a competitive edge in the tax preparation industry. The objectives of the study were achieved by reviewing how different firms review success dynamics differently. The study focused on highly successful and unsuccessful tax preparation firms in Tampa, Florida. Hypothesis statement Different firms in the tax preparation industry perceive success dynamics differently. The differences are significant between the successful and unsuccessful tax preparation firms in Tampa, Florida. Research questions The research questions are restated below: What makes some tax offices in Tampa more successful than others? How do strategic alternatives and implementation of the correct strategy inform the success of tax offices in Tampa? How can a tax office in Tampa succeed in the industry? Research Methodology The current research study analyzed information on the tax preparation industry and the fragmentation of the firms in this sector. The study focused on the firms operating in Tampa, Florida. The study focused on the correlation betwe en critical success factors and the success of tax preparation offices in Tampa. To identify critical success factors in the tax preparation industry, the researcher began with a definition of the scope of the industry. Individuals are required to file a tax return if their income is above a certain threshold. Income return depends on a number of factors. They include age of the individual, type of income, and the filing status of the person. Many taxpayers hire the services of experts to file their tax returns. Consumers seek assistance from the tax preparers because they make a necessary task simple (Long Caudill, 2008). The researcher made use of secondary data in conducting this study. To this end, a critical review of literature existing in this field was conducted. In addition, information on the firms already existing in the industry was analyzed. Information was accessed from the school’s library and other public resources, such as online databases. The researcher ma de use of secondary sources of information for a number of reasons. First, information about tax preparation firms was readily available from the libraries accessed. Secondly, the researcher was unable to collect primary data due to time constraints. As such, the researcher was unable to conduct interviews or administer questionnaires. According to the report by IBISWorld, there are over one hundred tax preparation offices in Tampa, Florida. There are over 100 tax preparation firms in Tampa. However, there is no specific data on the operations of tax preparation offices in Tampa. As a result, the research population was identified based on a number of characteristics. For an office to qualify as a tax preparation entity, it must primarily provide consumer tax services, including electronic filing and tax preparation. Secondly, the primary services of the office must be generating revenue. The selection criterion was very helpful in identifying the borders of the study. It helped in identifying offices that were directly related to the provision of consumer tax services. 110 companies were selected using the criteria above. Findings The recent economic meltdown led to, among others, a rise in levels of unemployment and reduced household income. As a result, demand for tax preparation services decreased significantly between 2009 and 2010. The reason for this is because fewer individuals attained the income threshold that requires tax filing. The reduced income, in turn, slowed the growth of the tax preparation industry over a period of five years ending in 2013. The industry’s growth has also been affected by the inability of some firms to offer refund anticipation loans. The tax preparation offices in Tampa are highly competitive in terms of price and quality of services rendered. This is due to the large number of tax preparation offices operating in the region (Edwards, 2013). Based on reports from IBISWorld (and cited in Edwards, 2013), it is reveale d that the tax preparation service offices in Tampa are highly fragmented. Majority of the operators in Tampa are small firms. According to IBISWorld, about 85.1% of offices operating in Tampa’s tax preparation industry are small firms. Furthermore, more than 80% of the offices have between one employee and ten employees. Most small scale offices offer their services on a part-time basis because of the seasonal nature of tax preparation services. The offices mainly rely on reputation to market themselves. In addition, they do not charge a lot for their services. As a result, the offices in Tampa account for only 20.0% of the total revenue generated in the industry (Edwards, 2013). Vasconcellos et al. (1989) helped the researcher identify a number of critical success factors in the tax preparation industry. Some of the factors identified by this researcher include experienced work force and a loyal customer base. Other factors included reputation and reliability of the firm as far as the clients are concerned. The introduction of new and innovative services, as well as aggressive sourcing for customers, is the other success factors. According to Edwards (2013), critical success factors in the tax preparation industry are identified with the help of a structured strategy. According to the scholar, the factors are identified as a result of generalization of answers from two questions. The questions touch on consumer preferences and strategies used by the firm to survive competition. Dickinson et al. (1984) conducted studies on the basis of the success factors identified above. The first part of the study aimed at investigating the significance of the listed critical success factors on a ten-point scale. A scale of one stood for ‘totally irrelevant’ while a scale of ten stood for ‘extremely significant’. The second part of the study was developed to evaluate the significance of critical success factors to the success of the busines s over its competitors. The last part of the study looked into the nature of the firm. It critically assessed the success of the entity. Analysis and Results Auruskeviciene, Salciuviene, Kazlauskaite, and Trifanovas (2006) developed a model to explain the perceived significance of the critical success factors and individual importance of each of them. The critical success factors are ranked according to their perceived significance. Reputation and reliability were regarded highly by a large percentage of the participants in the study. The factor was ranked 9.36. The perceived significance of the other factors was also recorded. According to the scholars, experienced work force and a loyal customer base followed at 9.16 and 9.04, respectively. The development of new products was fourth at 7.76. Aggressive sourcing for clients came last with a score of 7.52. The findings are indicated in the figure below: Figure 1.  Perceived significance of critical success factors Source: Auruske viciene et al. (2006) Auruskeviciene et al. (2006) carried out their research to identify how different firms regarded the issue of success. They compared the opinions of employees in successful and unsuccessful firms. The analysis conducted in their study is very important. It helps identify determinants of a firm’s competitive edge in the industry. The success of a firm is determined systemically using specified parameters. Such parameters include, among others, the organization’s profit margins. Auruskeviciene and colleagues conducted this analysis and made the findings in the table below: Table 1.  Criteria to determine the success of a firm critical success factor A S I reputation and reliability 9.36 9.29 9.14. experienced work force 9.16 9.29 8.00. having a loyal customer base 9.04 9.29 8.15. Introduction of new products 7.76 8.14 4.85. Aggressive sourcing for clients 7.52 6.86 6.57. NOTES; A – all firms, S – successful firms, I â €“ unsuccessful firms. Source: Auruskeviciene et al. (2006) There are differences between firms that succeed in a given industry and those that do not make it. First, the differences are seen in the launch of new products (+3.29). The second factor that varies involved experienced work force (+1.29). Compared to unsuccessful firms, successful firms attach more importance to new service and product development. Reputation and reliability pertains to credibility among consumers due to recognition. Firms operating franchises and a high number of branch offices can positively impact on the public’s perceptions of a service provider (Swingen et al., 2009). In addition, the firms spend a lot to advertise compared to small firms. Through rigorous advertisements, a firm can increase its exposure in the market, building a brand and a reputation easily. In turn, brand and reputation translates to success for the firm. Munro and Wheeler (1980) support this assertion. They argu e that it is the most significant critical success factor in the tax preparation industry. According to Auruskeviciene et al. (2006), experienced workforce is ranked the second most significant critical success factor in the industry. To be the best tax preparation firm in Tampa, a firm requires experienced tax preparers. The reason is that the preparation process involves completion of large volumes of work. The employees in the firm are generally required to have knowledge on accounting and tax law. Furthermore, the employees require specialized knowledge and skills. They should always keep track of legislative changes and decisions made by the IRS. They should pay attention to changes that impact on tax filing (Swingen et al., 2009). A loyal customer base was also identified as a significant critical success factor. Retaining customers in the tax preparation industry is negatively affected by increased rates of unemployment and unfriendly regulations in the tax preparation sector (Dubin et al., 2007). Changes in employment levels affect the customer base. A decrease in employment levels reduces the number of individuals required to file tax returns. The federal government is working towards the simplification of the tax filing system. The government will make it easier for individuals to file their own tax return. The development will reduce demand for tax preparers because most individuals will be able to file their own returns. As a strategy of retaining their customer base, most successful firms in Tampa have started to offer basic tax preparation services for free (Swingen et al., 2009). Caralli et al. (2008) identifies the development of new services and aggressive sourcing for new clients as other critical success factors in an industry. There are various services offered by the tax preparation firms. The services depend on how complicated an individual tax return is. Most firms offer basic services for free due to the fact that most taxpayers can acc ess electronic filing services for free. Although this has led to decreased revenues, it has also promoted the cross-selling of financial service products. The financial service products include refund anticipation loans and refund anticipation checks. Though these services are provided by a partner lender, the revenue generated through borrowers’ fees is split between the lender and the tax preparation firm (Swingen et al., 2009). Conclusion Evaluation of Analysis and Problem Solution The literature review in this study goes a long way in meeting the objectives of the study. It helps determine the critical success factors in the tax preparation industry. The review also helps understand competition and other dynamics in the industry. The study carried out demonstrates the correlation between a firm’s success and profitability and the fit between its strengths and the critical success factors in the tax preparation industry. Furthermore, the study shows that different firms tend to identify different critical success factors. In most cases, the firms combine factors that help them survive competition with those that guarantee the achievement of a unique competitive position. The information generated helps in making the deduction that critical success factors identified in the tax preparation industry are strategic necessities. Furthermore, the relative significance of critical success factors applies to all firms in the industry (Dubin et al., 2007). Becoming the best tax preparation firm in Tampa depends on strategic implementation of these critical success factors. The researcher compared the significance of critical success factors between firms classified as successful and firms classified as unsuccessful. The study indicated that the strength and importance of strategies adopted by organizations vary. One of the success factors that showed significant variations between the firms as far as ranking is concerned include strategic strengths (V asconcellos et al., 1989). The revealed differences tell a lot about players in this sector. For example, it appears that some firms in the tax preparation industry have failed to identify and take advantage of mechanisms relevant to their sector. What this means is that these firms do not attach significance to these critical success factors. Research Limitations There are several limitations associated with the current study. For example, there was lack of adequate data to conduct statistical analysis. It is recommended that future researchers in this field should collect more data (especially primary data) to calculate the statistical significance of the two ‘differences’ mentioned earlier. Recommendations for the Future Further conclusions can be made from the findings of this study. For example, there are various strategic necessities in this industry. They include having a loyal customer base, as well as reputation and reliability. Strategic strengths include deve lopment of new services and an experienced work force. Managerial Implications The current study has implications in the managerial field. Analysis of information in the tax preparation industry shows that firms in the sector vary. For example, they regard success factors variously. Firms may lack financial resources to carry out independent strategic analysis of the market. However, the firms are encouraged to use the critical success factor concept as a means of strategic analysis. The strategy allows for efficient use of resources and skills. The method can be used both at the industry level and at the firm’s level (Auruskeviciene et al., 2006). Critical success factors identify key areas of performance that are crucial to a tax preparation firm. The factors help the firm to accomplish its strategy, making it the best in the industry. Management in most tax preparation firms identify and highlight these critical factors. They take them into consideration when setting organ izational goals and objectives. To be the best tax preparation firm, the management must sustain positive performance in critical success areas. References Aaker, D. A. (2001). Strategic market management (6th ed). New York: Wiley. Auruskeviciene, V., Salciuviene, L., Kazlauskaite, R., Trifanovas A. (2006). A comparison between recent and prospective critical success factors in Lithuanian printing industry. Managing Global Transitions, 4(4), 327-346. Boynton, A., Shank, M., Zmud, R. (1985). Critical success factor analysis as a methodology form MIS planning. MIS Quarterly, 9(2), 121-30. Caralli, R., Stevens, J., Willke, B., Wilson, W. (2008). The critical success factor method: Establishing a foundation for enterprise security management. Technical report, 28(2), 234-354. Daniels, D. R. (1961). Management information crisis. Harvard Business Review, 39(5), 111-121. Dickinson, R., Ferguson, C., Sircar, S. (1984). Critical success factors and small business. American Journal of Sm all Business, 8(3), 49-58. Dubin, J., Graetz, M., Udell, M., Wilde, L. (2007). The demand for tax return preparation services. The review of economics and statistics, 75(5), 75-82. Edwards, J. (2013). IBISWorld industry report 54121d: Tax preparation services in the US. Retrieved from http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/4/prweb10627185.htm Long, J. E., Caudill, S. B. (2008). The usage and benefits of paid tax return preparation. National Tax Journal, 40(9), 35-46. Maddala, G. S. (1988). Introduction to econometrics. New York: McGraw-Hill. Munro, M., Wheeler, B. (1980). Planning, critical success factors and management information requirements. MIS Quarterly, 4(4), 27-39. Rockart, J. F. (1979). Chief executives define their own data needs. Harvard Business Review, 57(2), 81-94. Rockart, J., Bullen, C. (1981). A primer on critical success factors. Cambridge: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Slemrod, J. (2006). The return to tax simplification: An econometric analysis. Public Finance Quarterly, 56(7), 23-47. Swingen, J., Green, P., Long, S. (2009). Tax payer compliance burdens: An examination of factors affecting tax returns preparation fees. National Tax Journal, 89(6), 629-698. Vasconcellos, E., Sousa, J., Hambrick, D. (1989). Key success factors: Test of a general theory in the mature industrial-product sector. Strategic Management Journal, 10(4), 367-83. This research paper on Best Tax Preparation Office in Tampa, Florida was written and submitted by user Leyla Ward to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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World Affairs essays

World Affairs essays How the U.S. Should Influence World Affairs The United States should try to take care of things more, without getting people mad at the same time. They should have a meeting with all of the world powers and try to discuss their problems. These meetings should discuss the problems we are having and try to figure out a way to solve these problems. I feel that it is mainly our responsibility to take care of the rest of the world. It might not of been our choice to take on this responsibility but we are the superpower of the world. By being the superpower of the world comes a lot of responsibility that not everyone could handle. If you think of it we are like the peace keepers of the world, yeah some people tell us to mind our own business but the more we help people the more the people are dependent and look up to us for it. We the U.S. need to get involved in more things and try to get countries to solve their problems more peacefully. As we all know everything does not always go peacefully. Sometimes problems get wors e instead of better and there is no other choice but war, and when this happens we are usually the first ones there. True we dont always want to fight but once again the responsibility thing comes into effect again, the U.S. has probably the best Army, Navy, etc so automatically we are the first ones that everybody turns to for help. In a way thats a good thing but sometimes that can get us into trouble, or if we try to stay neutral it might make things worse like WW2. So we as the U.S. have a lot on our hands on making decisions, supporting other countries, and so on. I feel that the U.S. should keep on trying to influence world affairs. Im not saying that we know everything cause we certainly dont but the more we try to help I feel that other countries will see that we actually care about them and that we really want world peace. ...

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Fiber optics technology - Essay Example ITU-T G.651 and ITU-T G.652 (standard SMF) are the two compositional standards (Alwayn, 2004). Standards that relate to performance govern transmitters and receivers and include; Optical Transport Network the, Synchronous Digital Hierarchy, etc. Other standards are developed for specific niches. For instance, fiber optics in satellite communication begs other standards to adhere to. The deposition of dopants can be done in three standard ways: inside, outside and axial vapor deposition (Held, 1999). Moreover, advances in the use fiber optic systems has created a demand for standards that enable interoperability between telephone companies and interexchange carriers. Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) in Europe and Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) in North America (Held, 1999) are data transportation vehicle capable of supporting data rates in gigabyte range. There is not just one way of implementing fiber optic technology. For instance, the most common way for this implementation is a high-speed fiber optic local area network (LAN). Before implementing this technology, a feasibility study is made. If a company needs to go into an area where there are no pre-existing cable networks then implementation is much easier. Fiber optic technology is very different from DSL services, therefore, implementing a new technology in a blank area is much easier. However, if there are copper wires installed for transmitting data then cost justifications, minimizing disruptions for the use of SML and the cost for connecting to NPS backbone LAN, need to be made (Ee, 2004). The demand for high-speed internet usually drives the service providers to move to a better technology. The greatest hurdle preventing the widespread implementation of fiber optics is its cost. Implementing new fiber optic network is a troublesome task especially when old infrastructures like DSL and cable are already serving the customers